How To Navigate A Break Up

We all know that breaking up with someone is never easy, BUT navigating the break up in the right way can make the whole process a little less heart wrenching. I’ve pulled together a list of DOs and DONTs to help you feel a lot less shit, POWER TO THE PUSSY (or PENIS)

you got it dude

DON’T get drunk in the first week, chances are you probably haven’t been eating so this could be a recipe for disaster, especially when you have your phone on you. We’ve all been there, drunkenly sobbing and snotting down the phone, not one of our finest moments ey.

DO write gratitude list; remind yourself of everything else you have in your life that you appreciate and that you are thankful for. When you’re having a blue moment, get out your list and read it over and over to remember why everything else in your life DOES NOT SUCK!

DON’T be bitter, be better. As much as you may be hurting, revenge is a dish best served never. It won’t help you move on, and if I’m completely honest it may only just make you feel temporarily better.

DO give yourself time. Time is the biggest healer and I am absolutely sure of it. It may take you one month or one year but every day it gets that little bit easier. Don’t put a time limit on emotion!

DON’T/DO jump into bed with someone else. There are a lot of different opinions surrounding that old phrase ‘to get over someone you need to get under someone else’ and I think that is totally subjective. If you think a royal rogering will make you feel better, then hey who am I to judge, if you think it will end up you welling up mid-pump DO NOT DO IT, it also may make your bed-buddy slightly worried their performance is tear-worthy.

DO embrace your feelings, chances are you feel an absolute plethora of emotions. If you want to shout, scream, cry or laugh all at the same time, you are allowed to. Holding it all will make it worse in the long run. TRUST ME.

DO surround yourself with your friends. Chances are you’ll be out for dinner, drinks, and adventures a lot more with your favourite humans. EMBRACE IT! Dance wildly, sing at the top of your lungs and cuddle your soul brothers and sisters real tight. They got you!

DON’T social media stalk. The less you see their face the less you will care, so for the first few months, try your hardest to pretend they do not exist.

DO re-frame your thinking, remember – you broke up for a reason! However big or small the reason was, you need to think of the positives. What have you learnt from it? This gives you the opportunity to grow from it and decide in the future the type of person you want to be with. A huge part of healing is realizing you are a much better person after this separation.

And last but not least – get EXCITED. There is a big old world out there just waiting for you, millions of experiences and millions more people to meet. Put it in the fuck it bucket and know that you are the absolute cat’s pyjamas – YOU GOT THIS!