Limiting Your F***-Giving

**the language may be a bit vindaloo for younger readers – scroll down at your own risk!

First of all, I want to apologise for my radio silence on The Radical Diaries of late. Summer 2018 was the most hectic ever, and I was out of the country for the majority, working on something super-duper rad but more about that later(!) Something happened in my personal life back in May, which led me to grasping the idea of ‘fuck-limiting’ with both hands. Not the type of fuck-limiting when you find yourself cornered by some obliterated human, at a 4am kitchen soirée, chewing your ear off about his tax rebate and other various issues (shout out HMRC sort your shit out) but real fuck-limiting.

You see, fucks are strewn about everywhere nowadays, like god-awful pebbledash on those grey AF houses you only weirdly seem to find in Wales. You give a fuck that the person in front of you didn’t hold the door open. You give a fuck that you burnt your tongue on your really expensive herbal tea (that I’m sure tastes like shit). You even give a fuck when Netflix asks you ‘are you still watching’ and consequently shout at your television ‘OF COURSE I’M STILL FUCKING WATCHING!’ Pop open your peepers punks and look at it realistically, how many times a day, do we as humans, spend giving fucks to trivial things that really don’t deserve it? A LOT, I HEAR YOU SAY! From a personal perspective, I was stressing and worrying about things that actually didn’t affect me directly. I cared too much about things out of my control at work, I cared what people thought of me, but the strange thing was – I wasn’t actually caring about me. To put it bluntly (and also slightly morbidly soz), you come into this world alone and will definitely leave the world alone so the only person that can fully take control of your happiness and fucking-giving in between is (yeah you guessed it!) YOU. So, on the 1st of June 2018, I made a promise to myself (can I just add this promise was made in the toilets at Old Trafford mid-flow) that I would start limiting my fucks and the past eight months truly have been the best eight months of my life.

Limiting your fucks does not mean you need to be rude, abrupt, flippant and careless. I am not telling you to take your foot off the pedal in your career life, nor am I telling you to go all Kevin and Perry and live life like an angst-y teenager, I’m merely guiding your mind to promote even fuck-distribution on subjects and situations that really matter. Cut out the drainers and neggy people in your life (without guilt!), prioritise your mental health and well-being and manifest your fucking goals! This is vital as it affects your happiness, and remember happiness is a choice, so choose a fresh-out-of-fucks-to-give mentality and start living your best life.

The Fuck-Father,

Freja X


Need assisting on fuck-distribution? Hit me up!