The List

  1. Take part in ‘La Tomatina’ tomato fight in Bunol, Spain
  2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  3. Touch the highest point in the UK
  4. Milk a cow
  5. Have a G&T at Stonehenge
  6. Learn a language
  7. Bungee jump
  8. Go to Glastonbury
  9. Crowd surf
  10. Go to PRIDE
  11. Skydive
  12. Get a gliding license
  13. Break or make a World Record
  14. Go to the Guinness Factory in Dublin
  15. Shear a sheep
  16. Crash a wedding
  17. Complete Tough Mudder
  18. Go to ‘Budd’s Lane’
  19. Learn to make pasta
  20. Do shots in the oldest pub in England
  21. Go off-roading
  22. See the Northern Lights
  23. Go to Ireland
  24. Visit the pub in PS. I Love You
  25. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  26. Rescue a dog
  27. Visit a city outside of the UK beginning with an F
  28. Visit the Colosseum in Rome and shout ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED’
  29. Learn to back flip
  30. Start a blog
  31. Go to my first football match
  32. Climb Snowdon
  33. Raise £1k for a selected charity
  34. Buy a bike
  35. Eat Haggis
  36. Join an exercise class – and stick at it!
  37. Go paint-balling
  38. Learn to ‘hoop’
  39. Make cheese
  40. Bottle feed a lamb
  41. Eat at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants
  42. Ride a segway
  43. Shoot a gun
  44. Try a drink I’ve never had before
  45. Go to an underground Salsa Club
  46. See Jurassic Park in concert
  47. Compete in a Mario Kart tournament
  48. Make a pizza from scratch
  49. Go to the highest town in Europe
  50. Learn to wakeboard
  51. Start a YouTube channel
  52. See Bonobo
  53. Pop to a city in Europe for a day
  54. Go to the Natural History Museum
  55. Give blood
  56. Get lost in a maze
  57. Visit the Eden Project
  58. Go paragliding
  59. Go to Elrow
  60. Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  61. Munch in the Cereal Killer Cafe
  62. Go to BINGO
  63. Visit the Sky Garden
  64. Go to an early morning rave
  65. Watch naked boys read (it isn’t as pervy as it sounds)
  66. Visit a distillery
  67. Write to a prisoner
  68. Add to tattoo collection
  69. Make gelato at Blu Top
  70. Eat dinner in a prison
  71. Do my bit for the community
  72. Visit the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town
  73. Run from zombies
  74. Learn to trapeze
  75. Go to a drag queen brunch
  76. Swim with wild whales
  77. Make glass
  78. Get on TV
  79. Swim in the world’s largest swimming pool
  80. Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements
  81. Pass a motorbike test
  82. Visit the Taj Mahal
  83. Get legally ordained
  84. Go to Thailand
  85. Set up a charity
  86. Meet the cast of Queer Eye with Alix
  87. Sleep under the stars